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Do you use a Proximity Detection System that can cover up to 7 different machines and 20 people all at the same time?


Benefits of using the Booyco Proximity Detection System:

  • Proven fit-for-purpose technology
  • Proven in underground and surface applications
  • Can be integrated into a single solution for both underground and surface
  • Substantial South African reference base across commodity sectors and operations
  • High OEM acceptance, collaboration and integration
  • Skilled support teams with regional footprints

Substantial South African reference base across commodity sectors and operations.

Booyco PDS vehicle installations across southern Africa

Booyco PDS pedestrian installations across southern Africa

Fully engineered and manufactured under stringent control quality procedures utilising IPC Standards in a ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015 environment.

High TMM OEM Acceptance, Collaboration and Integration.

Retro fitted and new installations for above and below surface applications.

Full integration between Booyco PDS and TMM OEM’s can result in effective intervention systems.

Skilled Support Teams with Regional Footprints

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Surface Solutions

The Booyco Electronics PDS system is well suited to above ground applications in the mining, construction, forestry, freight handling and other industry sectors where a solution warrants a system to automatically detect and provide effective warning to prevent potential collision in the following scenario’s:

  • Equipment to person
  • Equipment to equipment

Underground Solutions

Booyco Electronics has been and remains at the forefront of PDS technology in the South African mining industry since 2006.

The Booyco Electronics fit-for-purpose, legislation-compliant PDS technology offers world class overall equipment effectiveness which in turn ensures pedestrian and vehicle safety.

The Booyco PDS system equips pedestrians with two-way RFID tags and vehicles or other static danger zones with VLF antennae. This creates stable fields of a predetermined size and shape in front of and behind the vehicle. Upon entering this danger zone, either a static danger zone or an approaching vehicle, the pedestrian’s tag immediately triggers a warning signal. Activating an audible and/or visual warning alarm in the vehicle.

Enquire About Getting Your Proximity Detection System

The purchase of a reliable PDS from a reputable original equipment manufacturer such as Booyco Electronics will ensure overall world class equipment effectiveness and the reduction of potential pedestrian and vehicle collisions.

The Booyco Product Range

Discover other Booyco Electronics products which contribute towards machine availability, performance uptime and safety.

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