IS barriers tailored for Southern African

Booyco Electronics supplies a range of IS barriers tailored to the specific needs of the southern African mining and petro-chemical industries. These barriers are suitable for use in all hazardous areas and are compact, easy to use and robust enough for both surface and underground environments. A major advantage of these units is that they are single-device barriers, with each unit serving as an isolation barrier on a communication bus between a non-hazardous and hazardous area in a mine or plant environment.

The application of alternative battery technology has resulted in the development of an IS uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which offers reliable performance under the harshest operating conditions. The Booyco Electronics IS-UPS is locally manufactured under stringent quality management systems and meets all statutory regulations pertaining to IS equipment.

This innovative technology provides a direct current output of 12 V or 24 V or a combination of both for extended periods of time and is suitable for a number of critical applications, including maintaining communications systems and fire detection systems. To cater for individual application requirements, the units can be supplied in multiple outputs.

Combining the IS battery with the IS-UPS eliminates the dangers associated with a conventional UPS, making it possible to use a far lighter, and more cost effective, explosion proof enclosure.

Also part of the IS barrier range is Booyco Electronics’ active high power, 2 Amp at 12 V IS Power Supply Unit (PSU), suitable for providing items in hazardous areas with various DC IS power. The IS-PSU includes overload protection and isolates the load from the power supply when an overload occurs.

The latest addition to the IS range is one of South Africa’s first IS tablets. IECex Ex ia Group 1 certified for use underground in fiery mines, this sturdy full sized tablet carries an IP54 rating for ingress of dust and water and is drop resistant from the standard height of one metre.

Designed for local underground mining conditions, the unit can be connected with a Booyco Electronics supplied USB powered Ethernet barrier to provide galvanic isolation. The Booyco Electronics IS tablet has a battery life of up to eight hours and runs off any Windows embedded operating system. It is able to interface with the mine’s Wi-Fi network and can be utilised as a programming tool and to draw data from other electronic equipment in the Booyco Electronics range.

Booyco Electronics is a single source market leader that supplies quality specialised electronic safety equipment, including collision intervention systems. Its range of reliable accurate warning, locating and monitoring systems is engineered to operate in the harsh African conditions.

The Booyco Electronics IS Barriers are single-device barriers.


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