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Booyco Electronics – contributing to a safer working environment through innovation and service.

The Booyco Proximity Detection System (PDS) uses very low frequency technology (VLF) in providing pedestrians and drivers with a personal communication tag, which is activated when entering a warning zone of a stable and predictable shape and size around moving machinery.

The Booyco Host Unit (BHU) is a dynamic and configurable system that can be used in underground mining and surface operations. The BHU system is designed for effective use in harsh operating environments. Two versions are available – a 7″ unit and a 5″ unit.

The IS-PSU is an Intrinsically Safe Power Supply Unit. This power supply is suitable to supply items in hazardous areas with various DC IS power. The ISPSU includes overload protection and isolates the load from the power supply when an overload occurs.
The Trapped Miner Locator, developed by Selectronic of Germany, has recently been upgraded and now offers an increased range of up to 30 metres through rock.

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