The Booyco Host Unit (BHU) is a dynamic and configurable system that can be used in underground mining and surface operations. The BHU system is designed for effective use in harsh operating  environments. Two versions are available – a 7″ unit and a 5″ unit.

The BHU is a Proximity Detection System designed and developed following the regulations set by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR). The main objective of a PDS device is to improve overall safety standards at a mine or a manufacturing plant where Trackless Mobile Machines (TMM) or rail bound equipment could cause a threat to the safety of the employees.

The BHU can be configured to implement various technologies to achieve accurate proximity detection. The technologies include tags for pedestrians, as well as systems for vehicles to monitor tags and other vehicles within proximity.

There are three main proximity zones the BHU defines to differentiate between detection levels.

These are:

  • Presence Zone: Detects a threat at the outmost region of detection.
  • Warning Zone: Indicates to the operator that he/she must react to the warning to avoid a collision.
  • Critical Zone: BHU instructs the operator to stop if the system is connected for interventions, i.e. the BHU provides a signal to the mobile machine to react to the threat to stop.

System Component Overview

Booyco Host Unit (BHU)

The BHU has been designed to accommodate newer technologies as these become available. This allows end-users to upgrade existing systems without the need to replace the complete management system.

Features of the BHU include:

  • Audible feedback
  • NFC license management
  • Biometric control
  • Exclusion field generator for operator
  • CAN Bus connection
  • 5″ or 7″ full colour display
  • Speed zone management
  • Diagnostics (data logs)
  • RF (surface and underground)
      o Wi-Fi
      o Data log extraction
      o Parameter configuration
      o Firmware updates

The BHU can be supplied with a Wi-Fi interface facilitating log extraction and firmware updates.

The BHU is equipped with a speaker that can be configured for proximity detection alerts. The device also offers license control to vehicle operators making use of a passive fingerprint scanner, and a 5″ and 7″ user friendly LCD interface.


 Applications for the “Booyco Biometric unit” system:                                    

  • Gulley winches
  • Tipping point
  • Trackless vehicles
  • Sub stations
  • Blasting boxes or carts etc.

The system’s control unit has relay outputs to facilitate interlocking.

Booyco Biometric key unit

  • Incorporates high precision ZR sensor for registering 10 fingerprints per user
  • Stores up to 1500 fingerprints and 10000 proximity card ID’s
  • Stores up to 100000 access registrations without a PC download
  • Wiegand In/Out to connect with external reader or controller
  • Allows communication with PC through Ethernet
  • Includes USB host to downloads records
  • Tamper-resistance switch and alarm output
  • Fingerprint registration and access guided by audio prompt
  • The unit has relay outputs for additional control
  • The unit can be supplied to meet any power requirements as available by the customer
  • IP54 rating

Booyco Biometric Key unit installed in Jeep

Installation, Servicing, Repairs, Maintenance and Training

  • The system components are designed in such a way as to promote “User acceptance”, and also ease of installation.
  • The customer may be required to assist and offer guidance when the system is required to interlock with underground electrical machinery
  • Booyco Electronics have trained personnel that are able to support and maintain all of the system components
  • The system promotes “Plug and Play” capability to ensure easy repairs and reduce down-time
  • It is recommended that the system is maintained under a standard maintenance agreement that includes preventative maintenance
  • Training must be provided to end users and relevant mine personnel to ensure user buy-in and product acceptance

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