Booyco Electronics Proximity Detection System (PDS)

Proven PDS System in both Underground and Surface Applications
The Booyco Proximity Detection System (PDS) uses very low frequency technology (VLF) in providing pedestrians and drivers with a personal communication tag, which is activated when entering a warning zone of a stable and predictable shape and size around moving machinery.
Booyco Electronics - PDS

The design philosophy utilises the following logic:

When a pedestrian approaches a traffic light at an intersection and the red light is showing pedestrians not to cross, it is up to the pedestrian to heed the warning and it is irresponsible of pedestrians to rely on drivers to give way to jaywalkers. If the pedestrian decides to jaywalk, he has to consciously override the warning light in front of him and he has to be held accountable for this decision.  Similarly the PDS in its basic form warns the pedestrians of an approaching vehicle.  The system does however have additional 2-way communication to also warn the operator of the mobile equipment that there is a pedestrian within dangerous proximity of his vehicle (who might not have been in sight of the operator).

Legislative requirements has led to the development of PDS systems in providing potential feedback into TMM control systems where a TMM can effectively be stopped when a person finds themselves in in harms way.

Operation of the PDS System

The Booyco PDS is a proximity detection system designed to prevent collisions. The  system employs very low frequency (VLF) and radio frequency (RF) technology.

Pedestrians are equipped with two-way RFID tags. Vehicles or other static danger zones are equipped with VLF antennae which creates two stable fields of a predetermined size and shape in front of and behind the vehicle.

When a pedestrian enters the zone in which the field is established, this tag is activated and the warning signal is triggered indicating to the pedestrian that he is entering a danger zone, be it a static danger zone or an approaching vehicle.

Antennae on vehicles are only energised when the vehicles are in motion. With these two-way tags, the vehicle operator can also be warned that a pedestrian has entered his danger zone. The antennae creates warning zones of up to 15 metres in a stable, predictable shape and size.

The system can also be expanded to provide other functions such as confirmation of shaft clearance and integrated with time and attendance (T&A) systems.

Do I Need a PDS System?

As an employer embracing practical measures to prevent injuries as a result of collisions between mobile machines and pedestrians in both underground and surface applications, YES!

With mine safety legislation getting progressively tighter, Booyco Electronics with its PDS solutions continue to ensure compliance.

Legislation coming into force in 2020 will mean the extended application of Level 9 safety standards.

For the mining sector in terms of legislation, MINE HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT, 1996 (ACT NO 29 of 1996) Chapter 8, was amended on 27 February 2015 in terms of “Regulations Relating to Machinery and Equipment”.


How the Booyco Electronics PDS Solution Works

Functions of the Booyco Electronics PDS

  • Mobile equipment detection and warning given to the pedestrians at risk.
  • A warning is given to the operator if a pedestrian has entered his vehicle’s danger zone.
  • Mobile equipment detection and warning given to both operators.
  • No false warnings from stationary machinery.
  • Personnel identification, clock in/out and mine clearance.
  • Warning against going into dangerous areas, e.g. conveyor reloading points or unsupported roof areas.

Fit-for-Purpose Technology

  • Range of VLF equipment for pedestrian detection.
  • Range of UHF equipment for vehicle detection underground.
  • Range of GPS equipment for vehicle detection in surface applications.
  • Booyco Control Interface deployed as HMI for integrating all deployed technologies.
  • Range of test equipment for the equipment and applications as stated above.

Installation, Service and Maintenance

  • We provide training to end users/relevant mine personnel to ensure user buy-in and product acceptance.
  • Our competent trained personnel support and maintain all of the system components.
  • Innovative plug and play capability ensures easy repairs and reduced downtime.
  • It is recommended that systems be maintained under standard maintenance agreements.

Integrating Booyco’s PDS System

The system can be integrated for additional functions if required, based on individual operation risk assessments.

One of the most significant advantages of the Booyco Electronics PDS is that it can effectively detect as many as seven Trackless Mobile Machines (TMM) and 20 pedestrians within one field, in the underground environment.

The PDS can be applied to older ‘non-intelligent’ machines on a mine as well as the newer, controller area network (CAN) bus enabled models.

The Booyco Electronics Asset Management System (BEAMS) gives mines the ability to extract useful data on risk areas. This can feed into focused training of staff for more effective safety behaviour.

Booyco Electronics Underground CXS anti-collision and avoidance system for vehicles and pedestrians

Booyco Electronics Surface Proximity Detection System

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The purchase of a reliable PDS from a reputable original equipment manufacturer such as Booyco Electronics will ensure overall world class equipment effectiveness and the reduction of potential pedestrian and vehicle collisions.

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