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We are geared for Level 9.

Surface Mining

The use of large machinery from draglines and hydraulic excavators to wheel loaders and off-road dump trucks are common features of surface mines. Keeping mine personnel a safe distance from these machines is a key aspect of ensuring mine safety. In recent years, Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) and Collision Prevention Systems (CPS) have played an important role in these efforts, especially as safety legislation continues to tighten up.

Booyco Electronics has extensive experience in developing safety solutions for surface mines, using Radio Frequency (RF) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies for surface applications.

The latest Booyco CXS solution is a comprehensive and integrated response to Level 7, Level 8 and Level 9 safety levels – as defined by the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) and adopted by the Minerals Council of South Africa.