What is a Collision Prevention System?

Collision Prevention Systems
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The Booyco Electronics Collision Prevention System (CPS) comprises a sensing device that detects the presence of another person, vehicle or object and a sophisticated interface that allows Level 9 intervention messages to be applied. In addition to warning both the vehicle operator and the pedestrian of the imminent danger of a potential collision, the CPS is programmed to automatically execute the relevant engineering control to prevent such a collision.

Warning zones can be adjusted to the specific requirements of the working area, and can also be adjusted to accommodate a range of different equipment. The system warns pedestrians of approaching and moving machinery when they enter the preset danger zone. It also warns operators when a pedestrian has entered the danger zone and is in close proximity to the vehicle.

Sensors on pedestrians and on trackless mining machines (TMMs) underground communicate using Radio Frequency ID (RFID) and on wheeled equipment in surface operations use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Booyco Electronics Collision Prevention System (CPS) technology also makes it possible to locate pedestrians and vehicles underground and on surface, enhancing production efficiencies and facilitating emergency locating.

The data from the Booyco Electronics Collision Prevention System (CPS) can be analyzed using the Booyco Electronics Asset Management System (BEAMS) Software Suite to identify patterns that indicate unsafe behaviour or unproductive use of assets.

Data on machine movements allows optimized management of areas and equipment.

Historical data allows the identification of high risk or incident zones, which is useful for planning improvements of traffic management. Monitoring of machines also allows users to optimize cycle times.