We integrate seamlessly with OEM systems.

The Booyco Host Unit (BHU)

The heart of the system is the Booyco Host Unit (BHU). It receives information from the pedestrian sensors, the trackless mining machine (TMM) sensors and the wheeled mobile equipment sensors, and then conducts the necessary proximity calculations to alert users to any impending danger.

The BHU also integrates seamlessly with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems, either directly or through a third-party interface in accordance with ISO 21815. This allows the Booyco CXS to apply Level 9 intervention instructions to the machine, automatically slowing it down or bringing it to a complete stop.

Our flexible, comprehensive approach with the Booyco CXS has been to ensure that all customers can achieve Level 9 compliance, irrespective of the age of their machines. This applies to modern, intelligent TMMs that are CAN-BUS driven, as well as older units which require a mechanical interface.