What is a Collision Warning System?

Collision Warning Systems (CWS) from
Booyco Electronics can be trusted.

From the first installations more than 14 years ago, the Booyco Collision Warning System (CWS) found favour within the South African mining industry due to its reliability. Leveraging Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology, this CWS set the benchmark in the early days in the underground mining environment across a wide range of commodities. Use of VLF technology enables sensors on pedestrians and on trackless mining machines (TMMs) to communicate through rock walls for optimal safety.

The sensing device located in the cap lamp on the pedestrian interacts with the sensor installed on the TMM, and via a reliable interface provide either visual alarm or both an audible and visual alarm. This warns both the vehicle operator and the pedestrian of any imminent danger of a potential collision. 

Warning zones can be adjusted to the specific requirements of the working area, and can also be adjusted to accommodate a range of different equipment. The system warns pedestrians of approaching and moving machinery when they enter the preset danger zone. It also warns operators when a pedestrian has entered the danger zone and is in close proximity to the vehicle. 

The Booyco CWS can detect as many as seven TMMs and 20 pedestrians within one field, in the underground environment. Its market leading systems are intrinsically safe, working on a clean 12 Volt power supply that will not ignite methane gas or coal dust.